My name is Joey Bendah. During my time as a senior at the University of Arizona, I decided to take classes from Jesse Tucker in krav maga as a means to get me into shape and give me a head-start for my future service in the Israel Defense Forces. After finishing at the UofA, I drafted to the Paratrooper Brigade as an infantryman in the IDF.

I began taking krav maga classes twice per week during my basic and advanced training. It is safe for me to say that the techniques that I learned from Jesse are the authentic techniques that are taught to all soldiers in the IDF. In fact, I learned more in-depth details and tactics that I did not have the time to learn in my IDF courses.

It is because of my lessons from Jesse in civilian krav maga that today, as a soldier, I have the confidence to use krav maga to my defense in life-or-death situations.

Joey Bendah

What hooked me is that there is no contract but what has made me stay are the incredible people! The trainers and staff are top-notch and make you feel welcome no matter your experience or skill level. I learn something new every time I go. This place rocks!

Jayne Levengood

I am a law enforcement officer and Army Reservist. I began training with Rising Phoenix shortly after having heart surgery. I wanted a fun way to get back in shape and learn self defense skills that will help me in both my personal life and as a law enforcement officer. After about a year of training at Rising Phoenix I felt like I was in the best shape of my life. I felt faster and stronger than I did when I was in my 20’s! The results really showed when I took my first physical fitness test with the Army Reserves and I got the highest score in my 12 year military career.

I also felt more confident when dealing with suspects at work. Krav Maga not only teaches their students how to protect themselves in the event of an attack, but also instils confidence and knowledge on how to avoid being attacked in the first place.

Jesse’s system incorporates real life scenarios to teach students not only how to execute the techniques but how to do it under stress. From how to respond to a simple mugging at the ATM to a bar fight to a mass shooting, Jesse will prepare you to protect yourself and family from danger. In addition, the other students make new comers feel welcome and help them understand the techniques.

This is a great gym with great instructors who foster a positive atmosphere for learning!

Charles Grimes

My name is Xiomara Marquez. During the summer after my high school graduation, I enlisted into the United States Navy. I was in no way prepared for the obstacles I would face in bootcamp so I started searching for a way to prepare myself mentally and physically. Before I shipped off to bootcamp, I met Jesse Tucker through a mutual friend and discovered that not only did he offer physical training but he offered self defense as well. I quickly set up a training regimen to surpass bootcamp standards and met with Jesse three times a week. Now, as a sailor, I’m able to meet all physical fitness standards which allows me to put all my focus into serving the Navy intelligence community to the best of my ability. I’m incredibly thankful that I decided to go to Rising Phoenix because it made my experience in bootcamp a breeze and I have learned so much about what my body is capable of and how to maintain my health.

Xiomara Marquez